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NatureOz Online Metaphysical Shop was founded by Babaylan Adlaw.

He's been creating lucky charms since November 2009 to help others fulfill their desires in love, money, business, work, protection, and health.

Please keep in mind that each product in his online shop will have a positive effect on you only if:

1. You do not harm others. For example, the person you use his love potion on should not have a partner yet.

2. You take action. Remember that his products are merely obstacle removers, making it easier for you to achieve your desires. For instance, do not expect to accumulate wealth if you are idle all day.

3. Your request aligns with reality. For example, do not expect his love potion to make someone you don't know fall in love with you.

4. You'll have no doubts about the product you bought from his Lazada store.

5. The product is used according to the manuals he provides.

Here are the products that will serve as a bridge to fulfilling your desires:

☽ Love Charms (Boosts Charisma, Returns Former Lover or Spouse, Tames or Softens Partner, Strengthens Relationships)

☽ Luck Enhancer for Money, Business, and Work

☽ Protection against Witchcraft, Envy, Hexes, and Curses, and Repel Evil Spirits or Elements

If you have any questions, please visit https://www.natureoz.com/p/frequently-asked-questions.html, or you can also email him at natureoz.com@gmail.com.

To view his customers' testimonials, please click here: https://www.natureoz.com/p/testimonials.html
NatureOz (formerly known as Almazen) is a one-stop shop for all your spiritual and magickal needs. Our goal is to provide you with effective and quality metaphysical products and spiritual services at a fair and reasonable price.

Every magickal item you see in our website is properly cleansed and blessed with power. Once you purchased a product, you will be given detailed instructions on how to use it, cleanse it and boost its effect. That’s how we take care of our customers.

The owner has been selling herbs and incenses since November 2011 and decided to open an online shop with the help of
Babaylan Tata Adlaw. They've been in the craft for more than a decade and they want to use their experience to serve the local communities of new age and traditional practitioners, seekers and believers by providing them quality metaphysical products at a fair and reasonable price.

How to Place an Order
Go to this page: https://www.natureoz.com/p/how-to-use-this-website.html

Payment Methods
You can transfer the payment to one of our bank accounts (BPI Express / UnionBank of the Philippines). You can also pay through GCash, or Paypal. We will email you the bank account info and the recipient’s details after you place an order on our website.

Shipping & Delivery
We are shipping orders every Wednesday only. If you settle the payment on a Friday or Monday, your item will be shipped the following Tuesday. If the payment has been made on a Wednesday, it will shipped the following Thursday. Cut-off time is 2PM so if you place an order on a Tuesday @ 2:01PM, your order will be shipped on the following Thursday. Expect your package to arrive at your preferred shipping address within 2 - 3 business days from the shipment date. You will receive the tracking number on the day it has been shipped.
We are shipping orders every Wednesday. Expect your package to arrive at your preferred shipping address within 3 - 7 business days from the shipment date. You will receive the tracking number on the day it has been shipped.

If you want to track the status of an order, just go to the www.lbcexpress.com.

We are already shipping products to certain countries via UPS. Shipping fee depends on the country and total weight of an order.

Availability of Products & Accuracy of Information
We strive to keep the information on this website as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you think that there is something wrong with the information you find here, please let us know.

Privacy Policy
NatureOZ does not disclose buyers' information to third parties.

NatureOz does not give medical advice or recommend the use of any product as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or medical problems.

In the event you use any of the information or product in this website for yourself or others, the owners assume no responsibility for your actions.

If you have any questions, please contact us: https://www.natureoz.com/p/contact-us.html

Customer Service