We are Looking for Product Suppliers

At last we have decided to welcome product suppliers. We just needed to improve our website and its profitability so that we can help those gifted individuals turn their passion to profit.

This is not a consignment program but a supplier-client relationship. Therefore, if your products pass our qualifications, then you can be one of our product suppliers.

Here is a list of products that we are looking for:

- Vintage altar tools (e.g. brass incense burner)
- Raw and tumbled crystals
- Runes (made of wood or crystal)
- Tarot and oracles decks
- Himalayan Salt Lamps
- Candles

If your products are not included in this list, let us know.

How does this work?

1. Please email your products at natureoz.com@gmail.com.

2. We will assess them according to our requirements (cost, materials used and profitability).

3. We will buy a sample of your products for final evaluation.

4. You will know our decision within seven (7) business days [from the submission date]. If they are not acceptable, rest assured that we will suggest some modifications or improvements so that we can consider them - applies to handcrafted products only.

5. Let’s get started!!! Rest assured that we will be your loyal client and hopefully, you business partner in the future.