Become a Modern Babaylan (Filipino Shaman)

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InKa (Inatangan ng Kaaraman) is founded by Babaylan Tata Adlaw and Babaylan Datu Sibulan on April 26, 2015. Their goal is to train modern generations of Filipino shamans or Babaylans who seek to use their God-given abilities to heal and empower themselves and others.

If you want to receive free classes and workshops on psychic development, divination, healing rituals, and other magickal or spiritual practices, kindly fill out the form below:
Please read the following carefully before you join our coven:

1. If you join our coven, you are required to attend our bi-monthly meetings (1st and last Saturdays, 8pm to 11pm) at our covensted in Bacoor, Cavite (walking distance from SM City Bacoor). We don't tolerate unexcused absences and tardiness.

2. We are strict in implementing the coven rules. This will be discussed with you before you become an official member of our coven.

3. We are not centered on spells. We are also teaching our students to heal, to divine, to do things that will help them grow so that they can also help others.

4. WE DON'T CAST HARMFUL SPELLS - that is against our rule.

5. Members of our coven are not allowed to join other covens, study groups or even meet with other practitioners. We strictly implement this to prevent our members from being exposed or corrupted by other practitioners who unwisely use magick.

If you are interested in joining our coven, please answer the questionnaire in the link below and expect to receive a text message from Babaylan Adlaw:


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