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InKa (TagapagINgat ng KAaraman), a coven in Cavite, will welcome new members on January 2019.

Here are the things you should know about our coven:

1. If you join our coven, you are required to attend our bi-monthly meetings. We don't tolerate unexcused absences and tardiness. We meet every first and last Saturday each month at our covensteads in Bacoor and Dasmariñas. If you can't commit, think twice before asking us to join our house.

2. You must be part of our coven for seven years. After that, you can be a High Priest of your own coven but it should be a branch of InKa. The rules of the mother coven must be implemented to your own coven. If you can't comply with that, you can still create your own but we will not honor it so you will not be given the rights to use our logo, our coven's name, and everything connected to us.

3. We are VERY strict when it comes to rules. Failure to do so may result in your eviction. If you are evicted because you violate a major rule, you will also be excommunicated. This will be discussed with you on your first day.

4. We are not centered on spells. We are also teaching our students to heal, to divine - to do things that will help them grow so that they can also help others.

5. WE DON'T CAST HARMFUL SPELLS - that is against our rule. But this does not mean that we tolerate wrongdoings.

6. We only worship One God (The Creator). We address Him/Her as "Dakilang Lumikha."

7. If you are already a member, you are exclusive to our coven. This means that you are not allowed to join other covens, study groups or even meet with other practitioners. We strictly implement this to prevent our members from being exposed or corrupted by other practitioners who unwisely use magick.

8. Politics is not allowed inside our house. You know what this means.

9. We don't accept minors and students. Minimum age requirement is 24 or older. We encourage them to finish their studies and establish their own career first.

10. We don't expose the identities of our members.

We don't teach magick in exchange of money so if you will ask us to just do that without joining our coven, we're sorry but we can't help you. We believe that every person should be worthy of this and a way for us to find the right students is by requiring them to be part of our family. This way we can get to know them and the real reasons why they want to learn esoteric knowledge. We will not, in any way, teach someone who will just use our ways for their selfish motives.

If you are interested in joining our coven, please answer the questionnaire in the link below: