Everyone's Guide for Using Psychic Ability by Betty Balcombe (Pre-loved)

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This book can help you understand psychic energy and how you can use it to develop your own healing and sensing abilities.


Throughout much of her adult life, Betty Balcombe has used her psychic ability to heal and teach others about spiritual awareness and the very natural capacity we all have to give and receive energy. Through her teaching, she has endeavored to raise the standard and understanding of psychic work, as well as remove the fear associated with this very normal ability. In this book, the the author shares her experience of what it means to be psychic. In a very professional way, she helps us understand psychic energy and how we can use it to develop our own healing and sensing abilities. Her book:

- Describes how to use divination, the tarot, pendulums, dowsing rods, dreams and symbols, premonitions, automatic writing, and doodling, and other techniques to develop psychic ability.

- Explains auric field - the colors of aura, how to determine health or emotional conditions from the aura and how to clear it.

- Discusses healers and healing energy, the use of touch, laser, and absent healing, as well as spirit energy group healing, balancing energy, and the value of gemstones and quartz healing.

- Related her belief in past lives as pockets of experience that add to our souls' wisdom and knowledge, making each life a new adventure.

Balcombe concludes with an unusual but uplifting view of the soul, the spirit and physical existence. her book helps us all gain a greater spiritual awareness and a clearer understanding of life's purpose.

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1995

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