Chakra Stone Set with Pouch

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Buy chakra stones with pouch from the best online New Age shop in the Philippines.


Keeping your chakras healthy and balanced is the best way to achieve a healthy body, mind and soul.

With our Chakra Stone Set, healing and aligning your chakras is as easy as one-two-three.

How to Heal and Align Your Chakras Using Our Chakra Stones Kit:

1. Dissolve a pinch of rock salt in a bowl of clean water and soak your tumbled stones in this mixture. After 30 minutes, dry them using a clean cloth.

2. Play a calming music. Hold the stones using both hands in a prayer position and say something like: “God, I ask you to heal and align all my chakras to vitalize my mind, soul and body.”

3. Lie down on your bed or on a comfortable surface and place the stones on your front body above each chakra center from the crown to the root chakra (see the illustration here).
  • Crown Chakra - Phantom Quartz
  • Third Eye Amethyst - Labradorite
  • Throat Chakra - Clear Quartz
  • Heart  Chakra - Garnet
  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Citrine
  • Sacral  Chakra - Tiger's Eye
  • Root  Chakra - Black Onyx
chakra stones chart

4. Make sure that they will not roll off your body. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. This time, avoid thinking about anything that will distract you (problems, worries, etc); focus on happy thoughts.

5. End the healing session when you feel ready to stop (you feel relaxed and peaceful).

6. Thank God for the healing.

7. Cleanse your chakra stones set (repeat step 1) and place them back in the red pouch.

You can do this once a week.

Here are the signs of balanced and imbalanced chakras

signs of balanced and imbalanced chakras

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