Hex Breaker Crystal Bracelet

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Looking for a protection crystal bracelet? Look no further than NatureOz, the most trusted online crystal shop in the Philippines.


The combination of onyx and amethyst makes this bracelet a powerful charm to protect oneself from curses, spells and any spiritual attacks.

Specs: 10mm genuine crystal beads, 7 1/2 inches in length, with metal spacers, stretchable

Hex Breaker Crystal Bracelet

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  1. the charm works as specified protecting you from curses that are thrown by negative entities and negative people, especially people that always curse not realizing that words has power, the charm energy extend on my chakra through my auric field, so if you know energy works, visualization and magick you can banish certain entities and lower spirits using your energy backed by the energy of the charm, so all in all even if you do not know magick the charm will do its job of protecting you, provided that you regularly cleansed it :D