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Sete Pedras
This pendant is composed of green jade, white jade, onyx, tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, cherry quartz and rose quartz.

Green Jade

It is a highly protective talisman, ensuring long life and peaceful death. A powerful healing stone, Jade can guard a person wearing it against sickness. It is also considered as a luck stone because it can bring prosperity into one’s life.

White Jade

This stone promotes peace, harmony and good luck. It is also good in decision making because it helps a person avoid distractions.


Onyx enables one to handle even the unmanageable tasks. It aids in memory retention and promotes attention to detail. These make Onyx a good stone for students, teachers, accountants or any work that requires concentration, dedication and discipline. It prevents the draining of personal energy and provides protection against negative energy and black magic.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye has the ability to deflect negative energies. This stone promotes integrity, self-confidence and will power. It also promotes steady flow of money in home.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone in promoting wisdom and good judgment. Due to its ability to enhance memory and stimulate the desire for knowledge, it is an ideal stone for students. Wearing this stone in the workplace help one attract promotion, success and lasting recognition in any chosen field.

Cherry Quartz

Cherry Quartz heals emotional wounds. It also aids in concentration and help its wearer stay positive.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is considered as a love stone due to its ability to help its wearer attract a lover or strengthen a romantic relationship. It is a helpful stone for those who are experiencing emotional crisis.


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