natural-thumbnail _150 -200 Altar Tools Hex Breaking Protection Ritual Items
natural-thumbnail _200 -300 Career Charms Crystal Earrings Crystals and Gems Healing Love Money Protection Psychic Awareness
natural-thumbnail _3000 -3500 Charms Protection
natural-thumbnail _400 -500 Bracelets Charms Crystal Pendants Healing Money Prosperity Protection
natural-thumbnail _500 -700 Bracelets Charms Crystals and Gems Money Prosperity
natural-thumbnail _200 -250 Career Crystals and Gems Healing Protection Raw Crystals
natural-thumbnail _150 -200 Charms Fertility Healing Pendants Protection
natural-thumbnail _400 -500 Crystals and Gems Healing Tumbled Stones



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##map-marker##Metro Manila, Philippines

##phone## 0912-677-0061

##clock-o##Monday - Friday, 10:00AM - 6:00PM (closed on Holidays)

Welcome to NatureOZ, the #1 seller of affordable quality new age, spiritual and metaphysical products in the Philippines, from rare herbs to organic incenses, from candles to essential oils, from tarot decks to crystals and everything in between.